I just had some really bad in-room coffee and burned my tongue. The beverage which I sort of enjoyed turned out to be extremely hot. Maybe I can sue the motel and stay somewhere better next time. Actually, the room is, as Jacques Pepin would say, pairfectly fine, and it is conveniently located within walking distance of last night’s party. It is also located in a strange convergence of sari shops, marijuana growing suppliers, and gas stations.

Yesterday afternoon Megan and I left our remarkable amount of stuff in the room and took off for Telegraph Avenue to do some shopping, mostly of the window variety. It’s full of students, hippies, and general weirdos there, so we fit right in. We also fulfilled one of Meg’s long-cherished dreams: getting a henna tattoo.

Megan’s dream comes true

The world being as miniature as it is often claimed to be, the artist who did our tattoos happened to be the very one whose work Meg was lusting after at last summer’s reggae festival. Megan and Lu go every year to work as medics at the festival, and didn’t have a chance to get their artwork. But this year, they’re going to meet up with the artist a day before the festival begins, and get artwork all down their arms. Yay! Megan picked out this design for me:

After that, we had some coffee at Peet’s and then put on some make-up and went to the BAD RAP party.

When we packed for the party, I laughingly set aside my Manolo Blahniks, but I both could have and should have worn them. You should have seen the girls there! Black stockings with rhinestone seams, the latest in handbags, shoes, and accessories – I loved the girl wearing a black and white dress with a red hem and red stiletttos, and the elderly grande dame with the fur-trimmed cashmere sweater and suede kitten heels – these women don’t just read “InStyle” and “Vogue”. they do something about it.

While I was admiring the fashionistas and considering that I had never considered pit bulls to be a fashionista cause, Megan managed meet the founders of BAD RAP and talk to them about her goals, and they were not only impressed, but willing to help. It was a win all the way around.

Today we might go to the city before heading back to Hooterville. It’s been a fun little break.

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7 comments on “Fabulous

  1. Guy

    Glad you enjoyed the trip, sounds like a mix of interesting folks, I like the tatto.

  2. Joy

    Pretty design….the veins seem to be protesting though. Does it take long to do?


  3. suzy

    It’s just drawn on with liquid henna, which dries and flakes off, leaving the dye behind. They have since turned brown and will last a couple of weeks. Megan’s Tree of Life took around 5 minutes, and mine even less. Amazing!

  4. Joy

    Remarkable….is this the method used for Indian weddings?


  5. suzy

    Yes, it is. The artist learned to do it in Pakistan and still does it for weddings here. Really neat!

  6. Clark

    I, as well, have a very pit-bull who stands out as the most supporting animal I have ever owned. Quickly, a brand new dog breed will come along for your media to blast, as they have accomplished rotties and dobies in preceding many years. Unfortunate that media sensationalism breeds much inaccurate information.

  7. suzy

    I never met a pit bull who wasn’t a sweetheart. And many of the dog mauling cases reported in the news are not pit bulls – the press either gets it wrong or thinks it sounds more sensational. Breed specific legislation has been dropped in the Netherlands, after discovering that it doesn’t work. I really hope that one of these days this genocide will stop. My sister and I are doing all we can to help local pit bulls. Thanks for your interesting comment, it was good to hear from a fellow pit bull activist!

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