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Even though Thanksgiving is not generally considered a gift-giving occasion (to my mind, one of its more delightful aspects), Jonathan couldn’t resist bringing Jessica a book which gives the real dirt on the Three Little Pigs. It’s authored by the Wolf himself, and you can see that it held Jessica spellbound. She wasn’t the only one, either. Jonathan seems to have inherited our father’s gift for reading stories and doing all the voices. It was great.

When the story was over, Jessica went up to bed. She had permission to read as long as she liked on this special occasion, but spotted my jewelry box. Immediate exploration was called for, and here you see Jessica wearing the earrings I wore at my wedding (my dress was a 1940’s emerald green taffeta gown), along with a string of jade beads my Dad brought me from China and a string of rubies from India:

jessjewelsSparkle time

In going through the collection with Jessica, I realized how many beautiful things he had given me over the years on his many travels.

While Jessica was being delighted and I was getting nostalgic, there was channel surfing going on downstairs, and we were alerted to the fact that the Rockettes were on. I dragged Jessica down the stairs as fast as I could, and sat with her on my lap as the Christmas Spectacular unfolded in front of us in all its glory.

During the first number, where the Rockettes were wearing their Candy Cane outfits, she observed, “They look like little Christmas presents.” After a while, she said, “They’re the most beautiful girls in the world!” I was about her age when I became enchanted by the Rockettes and the Weeki Wachee mermaids, and the enchantment has lasted all these years. It was so fun to share it.

The next day, Erica told me that Jessica dressed up in a leotard and danced around the house saying “I’m a Rockette! I’m a Rockette!”

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10 comments on “Spellbound

  1. Joy

    Jessica was a lucky girl to have such caring adults around her. . Must check out the book.

    BTW is this your house that is also being shown? Looks good….

    The jewelry sounds interesting and beautiful…another lucky girl.


  2. LisaB

    You realize that we now MUST see a picture of you in your wedding dress??

  3. suzy

    We’re lucky to have Jessica (and Erica)!

    Yes, it’s my house – it’s beginning to come together. Still lots to do, though.

  4. suzy

    I don’t have one as far as I can tell, though there might be one lurking in one of The Boxes. The dress was off the shoulder, with a scalloped neckline, sleeveless, fitted to the waist and then with a full skirt to the ground. Oh, and the back had a bow!

  5. Amber

    Search your archives – I’m sure I’ve seen you in the dress with your Dad before, and the only way that would have happened would have been via the blog!

    I, too, want to read this book now!

  6. suzy

    Ha! Good find. The first link shows most of the dress. It sure was pretty.

    The book was fab – you will love it!!

  7. Joy

    Had a look at the Fabulous Suzy in The Dress……talk about Star Quality…..
    Very fetching…..just beautiful….


  8. suzy

    Thanks – it was a great dress!

  9. Erica

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kisskiss)

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