mistFrost burning off the post*

Yesterday it was raining so hard that it woke me up before 6:30. I lay there listening to the rain on the curved roof, wondering if the power would go out, and realized that the propane heater needs electricity to start and stop, just like my gas oven in Oakland. Clearly a design flaw, especially in a place where you (a) know the power is going to go out at some point in the winter, and (2) also know that your town is the lowest priority for power restoration in the area.

When Mark came by to fix the flickering lights in the living room (I forgot to ask him about the flickering porch light and the leaking washing machine, again), we talked about generators, yet another subject in the vast pantheon of rural things I know nothing about. As long as I have enough power to keep the refrigerator and heater going (ironically) and a couple of lights lit, I should be fine. But that will be another $200-300. I guess this is another country style investment, like allegedly animal proof garbage cans.

Another investment on my wish list is a heater for the studio space. Also it has come to my attention that my wardrobe is inadequate for current circumstances, since I only have one fleece and no boots, at least no boots which I’m willing to sacrifice to the muddy gods of winter. Sometimes I look at my lavender suede Manolo Blahniks and my stack of “Vogue” and “InStyle” magazines and just laugh. I wonder what their recommendations would be for a suitable country wardrobe?

*Looks like I should invest in a new camera one of these days.

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2 comments on “Investing

  1. Joy

    We too have propane heat. We have a remote ( like a TV remote ) which works on batteries; there is a transmitter under the Jotul heater – also run by batteries ( all batteries are double A’s) So we are independent of electricity & that is why we elected to go this route. We are in the country too, and do have electrical black-outs. Maybe this will make sense, if not to you, to the men in your life!


    I’m sure any heating store could help you in this regard. Good Luck!

  2. Guy

    Considering winter is on the way, heat and a good pair of boots, warm clothes would be a priority I would say.

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