Swine flu* is just so passé. All the cool kids have library-itis.

Its onset can be insidious. You can have a library card for years, lurking in a drawer or making your wallet a little snugger than you’d like, but never take it out or even think about it. But when you come into close contact with a person suffering from library-itis – especially an advanced case – you’re probably going to catch it, too.

This is what happened to my unsuspecting sister. I told her about the joys of requesting books on line, how you follow their progress as you move to the head of the line, the thrill of seeing “In Transit” when you check your holds (as you do, at least once a day), and how picking them up for free is like getting a present.

Now, I went home and requested thirty books as soon as I got my shiny new card (which my sister tells me is a parvenu tourist card, whereas hers, though much less pretty, is a long time local resident’s, which clearly has much more Coast cred), and my sister only requested a half dozen or so, but she was just as excited when she learned she had three waiting for her.

She left for work early in order to pick up her books, and I kindly gave her some of mine to return. This evening, she called me on a break at work to tell me that she actually had four to pick up. Oh, and she had returned my books.

There is no known cure.

*Sorry, powers that be: “H1 N1”, as a term, is never going to catch on. It’s just like make-up: it’s more fun (and memorable) to be Cherries in the Snow than Number 42. Except for Chanel Number Five

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3 comments on “Contagious

  1. Guy

    Nothing better than a good book to keep one entertained and to learn any day of the week.

  2. Jennifer

    Up here it’s very much the H1N1 flu. I rarely hear ‘Swine Flu’.

  3. Amber

    I decided that H1N1 was too much of a mouthful. My best friend and I call it The C.D. (…certain death… you have to be dramatic about it, too. Like The News. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me. And, um, I’m sorry if anyone reading this finds it offensive, we both have a pretty sick sense of humour).

    The library has been a life-saver for me on more than one occassion. My kids LOVE it and when an outing goes bad, I admit it, I use the library as my bribe. But hey! It’s the LIBRARY. So it’s not like it’s chocolate or candy. That has to count for something!

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