La Brocanteuse

boatwoodsApparently, I have a boat.

I really shouldn’t be surprised. James was the king of the pack rats. I’m not sure that he ever threw anything away, just in case it came in handy one of these days. And to be fair, both he and my brother have shopped the junk piles in the woods while doing repairs on cars and other things.

But there are always new discoveries to be made.

The other day, Megan showed me the easy way to get to the logging road from my house. This is the same road I used to run every day when I was staying in a tent at Megan’s to help take care of Mom a few years ago.

We passed the trailer full of Rose’s pottery, and I noticed that there are also shelves on the outside of it covered with miscellaneous objets (d’art and otherwise). Then I noticed the derelict shell of an ancient VW van, also filled with things and stuff which had witnessed much wind and weather over the years. To the point that they were pretty much unrecognizable.

But wait! There’s more!

Behind that was yet another rusted out corpse of a former trailer, filled to its decaying brim with, you guessed it, still more things and stuff.

Sense a theme going on here?

Even Fred Sanford would run away. He’d be clutching his heart and yelling, “‘Lizabeth! I’m coming to join you!”

And he just might.

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3 comments on “La Brocanteuse

  1. Joy

    Life seems full of these little adventures… If only the ‘stuff’ could talk…


  2. Guy

    I am now cleaning an estate home where a gentleman of 88 passed away last May, I have been cleaning this house, garage, sheds and its content for months now and still have the basement to go through, I can attest to what you have witnessed where some people keep everything for the future, just in case. The unfortunate thing about this is that most of the content is now out of date or rendered useless.

  3. suzy

    I once helped a friend clean out the 15 room house where her cousin had lived for 80 years. It was quite the job! One thing I learned from it was to always label your photos. We threw out so many because we had no idea who they were. Having said that, it seems to be human nature to hang onto things, and I’m no exception.

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