Chanel’s new rain boots. Clearly a necessity for a girl just starting out on country life. A mere $350!

I wonder if there’s a matching umbrella.

Come to think of it, no-one up there seems to use an umbrella. They just wear hats or put up their hoodies. When I’ve used an umbrella up there, I look and feel like a tourist. Maybe I’d better cancel the umbrella and just go with the boots for now.

In other news, the house next door rents for $1,700! Any takers?

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4 comments on “Necessities

  1. Guy

    Nice boots Suzy, I don’t know if one would like to get them full of mud. Looks like you may have to invest in a hooded jacket, but I’m afraid none would match your boots.

  2. joy

    Wow! That is quite a lot of rental for the next door house…..Is it rather large? I’m surprised that the area can demand such a price.

    Like the boots. The last couple of years seem to have brought out all sorts of spiffy looking boots.. Very nice too.


  3. suzy

    No, the house next door is the same size as mine, as far as I can tell. Around 825 square feet. I wonder if anyone will rent it at that price?

  4. Amber

    My mortgage payment (which is accelerated so in theory, higher than it needs to be) isn’t that high! That’s INSANE.

    Those boots rock.

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