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May 4th, 2009 by suzy in Uncategorized

Old movies always make me wish I lived in the past. Come to think of it, the news does that, too. Anyway, last night’s entertainment was The Reckless Moment (1949), starring the beautiful Joan Bennett and the always suave and charming James Mason. Bad guy, good guy, or a mixture of the two, you gotta love him.

A Columbia picture – with the original Columbia lady, back when she was a total babe instead of the hideous “updated” one – the credits included my favorite of all time (“gowns by” – in this case, Jean Louis) and went on to inform me that the screenplay is based on “The Blank Wall”, by Elisabeth Holding.

I’m a huge Holding fan, and cannot understand why she’s so unknown. I have almost all of her books, most in the Dell double book edition, where you read one story, then turn it over and get a whole ‘nother one, usually with lurid covers. But don’t let that put you off. She is a mistress of suspense, in the grand tradition of Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell (though antedating them by many years), where a person makes a fatal mistake and his/her life spirals out of control.

The movie is in glorious black and white, and I have to say, if I really could live in the past, it might be in the 1940s. The cars and clothes are great, everything’s stylish, and there are important things like electricity and hot running water. Sure, there’s the dreary war, but there’s always a dreary war. At least things looked good.

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Elisabeth Holding, eh? Must check her out…

Old movies are great too……
You might know about one which I cannot really remember properly ( I was a bit too young to have gone to this particular movie, I think* ) Was it called The Red Door with Edward G. Robinson (??) The main thing I recall was the chap in a big truck driving into a garage – only to find it has no bottom & filled with water..& he goes down, down, down……..Are you familiar with this one at all?


* my cousin took me!

I agree with you on some of the old movies. If you look at what is being produced today compared with some of the older ones, one would say that the writers seemed to have a bit more class, they would leave some room for our own imagination to fill in the blanks, rather than throwing some exagerations all over the screen.

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