Barely Auditable

The audit continues apace. I wouldn’t have thought that a firm which employs three people full-time and two people part-time would have all that much to look through, but I would have been wrong about that (along with many other things). Not only did we spend all day on it, but they’re coming back on Thursday, so Boss and I have that to look forward to (she said ungrammatically).

I’d really, really love to complain about it in detail, but the process has made me paranoid, and I’m afraid they’ll find my blog somehow and I’ll get in trouble. So you’ll just have to take my word for the hideousness of it all, and even if you’re someone I don’t like, I hope it never happens to you.

As I took the train in today, clinging to the metal bar in the rush hour crush and trying not to think about it, it occurred to me that what having money really buys you is time and space. Time to do things you like; to go places when it’s not rush hour. Space in the form of a house big enough for all your things and stuff, far away from barking dogs and other annoyances. Space in the form of a chauffeur-driven car*, where even if traffic is bad, you can be comfortably ensconced in the back seat, reading Vogue or The New Yorker and possibly drinking a martini.

*Whenever I see yet another Hollywood star(let) being arrested for DUI, I always wonder why on earth they don’t have a driver, when they can clearly afford it. Seems like a logical and practical idea. Don’t club-hop without it!

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2 comments on “Barely Auditable

  1. Joy F

    Hang in there, girl…….this too will come to an end.


  2. Guy

    I sincerely hope, the ordeal is over soon for you Suzy, going through an audit is not a fun thing indead, seems like an invasion of privacy and should not be aloud, in my opinion anyways, good for Democracy, right.

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