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April 17th, 2009 by suzy in Jessica

Those in the know of course know that Jessica’s birthday is every April 15th. If you didn’t know, mark your calendars for next year – it’s clearly more important than that silly tax filing deadline thing. Also, shame on you!

I couldn’t be there for the celebrations, but I mailed my offering (Cinderella’s Magic Pumpkin Seeds) and a really cute card in good time (unlike my tax return).

Being the well-brought up child she is, Jessica called to thank me. She ventured that “I’m not sure the seeds are really going to turn into Cinderella’s coach, though”, as if this would be terrible news to me, having given them to her, thinking that they would. She was afraid I might be disappointed! I told her they probably wouldn’t, but they would turn into pumpkins which she could carve at Halloween, and that was clearly a welcome thought.

We chatted a bit more, and I asked her how old she was. “Six!” she said happily. “So you’re going to get your driver’s license this year,” I said. “Suzy…” she sighed. “You are so silly.”

Even six year olds are onto me.

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Jessica sounds like a really nice child…and you seem to have a very comfortable relationship, by the sounds of things. So satisfying.


ok, that is the BEST gift ever. Can you be my Auntie?! I will be putting it on the list for the little girls in my life!

And I don’t know Jessica, but I adore her right now! Love 6-year olds!

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