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The Year of Living Dangerously

   Mar 23

The Year of Living Dangerously

You’d think a sunny, breezy Monday, the traditional washing day, would be a good day to do a load of wash.

You’d be wrong.

I was virtuously doing the dishes when I noticed a muddy puddle slowly creeping toward me from the laundry room. I went to investigate, and was horrified to see that the washer was leaking. Not only was it leaking, it had flooded the litter box.

The mop was wholly inadequate to deal with it, so I sacrificed a couple of towels. As I cleaned, I wondered if I dared to wash the towels afterwards. What if it floods again? Is it worth the risk? Should I call the landlord? She may well wonder what on earth I’ve done now, since I’ve already had the sewer problem, the shower problem, the lock problem, and (unbeknownst to her) the mystery fire in just over a year of living here.

Maybe it really is time to move.

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  1. Guy says:

    By all means, call the landlord, surely you don’t think you’re the cause of all these problems, these mishaps may very well be the lack of maintenance on her part, don’t you think.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Exactly what Guy said.

  3. Joy F says:

    Exactly what Guy and Kathleen have said!!! Go tell her NOW, if not before…..


  4. meloukhia says:

    Yup, call the landlord. Better to have a tenant who reports problems (especially water intrusion problems!) than one who ignores them or conceals them “so as not to bother the landlord.” Besides, as someone who is evidently condemned to the laundrymat forever due to sins committed in a past life…do you really want to be going to the laundrymat to do your laundry?

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