Coming Out of the Fog

I’m slowly coming out of the haze of the past week. Sister and BIL are home and doing fine – she’s going on Family Leave to take care of him, so he couldn’t be in better hands.

I still have the Cold from Hell and my mind is a pink fog, which is considerably less fun than it sounds. Sister hooked me up with the good cold meds, but the Cold from Hell merely laughed at them and hung on harder.

Little did I know that getting Sudafed and Afrin was so challenging. Sister and I went into a giant Walgreens on Market Street, which was overwhelming in my weakened condition. She made a beeline for the pharmacist’s counter while I gazed confused at all the weird Asian snacks and swirling hordes of people. When I joined her at the counter, she was showing the pharmacist her ID and signing something. Apparently, Sudafed is one of the main ingredients in meth making, so you have to show ID and sign something to buy it, which explains why I never thought of buying it.

Sister observed to pharmacist that it may, in fact, be easier to buy meth than Sudafed, and the pharmacist burst out laughing. After that, all we had to do was get the case with the Afrin in it unlocked.

Who knew?

I hope the hard-won cold remedies start actually remedying soon, because my lovely friend L is visiting from Toronto and we’re going to explore the brand-new Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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3 comments on “Coming Out of the Fog

  1. grandpapa

    All these remedies are great and a must, but they must be followed by some rest, try to include this in your schedule, it really works.

  2. Kathleen

    Ah, you were going to the Academy of Sciences…fun. I went there in when I was visiting in October. I’m a firm believer of Alka-Seltzer Cold (regular and night-time varieties) and they don’t require me signing my life away with a pharmacist.

  3. suzy

    I’ll try that next time – I find the ID thing a little unnerving!

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