Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s raining a little more now than it was earlier today, and I was happy to see Henry curled up in his blanket on the couch when I closed the blinds for the evening. I wish he’d actually get under the blanket, but I guess having it at all is better than the way he spent the other winters before he had his faithful servant.

This morning, the air was just atomizing my face gently, like an Evian mister during a first class trip to France, when I ventured out to do some shopping. I didn’t realize how much I had overdone my mental provisions (the library) and physical ones (Safeway) until I started trudging up the hill towards home. My bags seemed to get heavier with every step, and the mile stretched before me. Was it getting darker? Would I be soaked to the skin before my arms fell off, or after?

As these gloomy thoughts drifted through my gloomy head, a man passed me with two dogs. I remarked on their beauty, which was considerable: one a long-legged lady, a grey and white Great Dane and the other a handsome lad, a black Lab/Shepherd mix. It turns out they are both rescue dogs, the female being fostered until a home can be found, and the male belongs to the man. We fell into a conversation, and he walked me most of the way home. My bags had magically become lighter along with the skies as all four of us walked companionably together. I hardly noticed them by the time we parted ways.

As I neared my house, I noticed a beautiful black cat sitting on a fence, gazing at me with huge, golden eyes. She stood (or sat) her ground (or fence) as I passed, telling her how lovely she was, though she clearly already knew this and accepted it as no more than her due.

It’s amazing how total strangers, human and animal, can really make your day. Even a rainy one.

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3 comments on “Raining Cats and Dogs

  1. Joy

    Did your parents ever tell you NOT to speakto strangers??? What a difference a couple of dogs make……..
    Mind you,someone fostering a Rescue Dog cannot be all bad, I’sure. The blackcat sounds beautiful.


  2. suzy

    Isn’t the ban just for kids? 🙂 You have to have *some* faith in human nature! And he talked a lot about his family as well as his dogs, so it clearly wasn’t a pick-up situation. He walks the dogs an hour and a half every day and just wanted some company. All’s well that ends well! And that cat was really beautiful!

  3. grandpapa

    Animals tend to make us forget the way of the humans. They are there just to please and help us forget our little sorrows, the proof is in your story.

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