Belated Happy New Year!

Belated happy new year, everyone! It’s no less sincere for being fashionably late. Many of you probably think the lateness is due to the traditional New Year’s hangover, but it’s actually just sloth. And no, I haven’t resolved to be less lazy this year, since there’s no chance I could actually keep that one.

In fact, my glamorous niece informs me that having resolutions could be hazardous to one’s health. What a fabulous reason not to have any! I’m going to be healthier by not having any resolutions!

It was a quiet New Year’s Eve. I sipped Piper Sonoma by the light of the sparkly white tree and glow of the white candles in the fireplace. I watched the 100th ball drop in New York (how could I resist the world’s biggest piece of Waterford crystal?), but dropped the ball on west coast midnight. I realized I had missed the witching hour when I heard people out in the street tooting little horns and calling out new year’s greetings with the muffled sound of fog-bound fireworks in the background.

The new year certainly started off with a bang at my local BART station. I’m starting to think about moving, especially after being in downtown Oakland on New Year’s Day (where I actually got some good Chinese food! Yay!) and enjoying the beautiful old buildings and the bustling atmosphere. I’m a city girl at heart, and though I can’t afford San Francisco, I may be able to find a place in downtown Oakland where I’ll be happier.

As I strolled through Chinatown and admired the Victorians by the lake, it occurred to me that I’ve lived here a year and still know next to nothing about this city. So I’ve decided to live dangerously in 2009 and resolve to get to know Oakland better.

My other resolution is to write more. I’d like to ask for your help with this one. I seem to be lacking inspiration at times after nearly eight years of blogging, so let me know if you have some ideas. Is there anything you’d like me to write about? Questions? Suggestions? Leave them in the comments, or email me at speakall at earthlink dot net. Thanks for reading all these years, and may this new one be a fabulous one for us all!

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6 thoughts on “Belated Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year and my compliments on your most recent efforts with the blog. Not only have you been writing often, but you’ve been writing a lot. Which is more than I can say for myself. Sadly, I too am lacking in the idea department and the kids have settled into pretty common everyday events which don’t warrant any entries. In fact, this response is pretty much the meat of my next entry which I’ve been meaning to write since Thursday!

  2. I think it is a wonderful idea that you move downtown Oakland…will it be safer there? Would this mean that you would be living in an apt.? Also I am a bit concerned as to what will happen to Henry?
    I am more than content with your Blog… always look forward to it.. you definitely camouflage your doubts…..Stick with it, please.


  3. Thanks, Mike! I’m always amazed that you manage to work full-time, be a husband and father, coach soccer, work for the Revue, and still manage to blog and photograph. I love reading your blog.

    Joy, I think you’re my biggest fan! I’d probably have to take Henry up to my sister’s if I moved. Not sure how much better or worse living downtown would be, or if I could handle living in an apartment again.

    Lisa – thanks for the encouragement! I’ve really enjoyed learning about Vancouver since you moved there.

    If you guys come up with any ideas, let me know!

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