Happy Holidays!

My tree through the window

Usually, I close the blinds once the afternoon darkness sets in, but now the tree is up, I’ve been leaving them open enough that passers-by can enjoy my minimalist tree. And now you can, too, without ever setting your well-shod foot in Oakland. You’re welcome again!

I wonder if the tree will be standing when I get back. I’m pretty much betting that it will be sagging sadly against the wall or on the floor, and that June will have chewed it. If I hear scratching somewhere, I know it’s Audrey; if it’s chewing, it’s June. If I hear my water glass being knocked over and/or broken, its contents spilling all over valuable paperwork, it’s June again. Given how many times I say “no” during the day, I’m not giving the tree much of a chance.

Henry has no visible bad habits other than occasionally clawing the hand that feeds him, but I think he works his naughtiness out by running around outside, and the girls are trapped in a small house with less outlet for their energy. Sometimes I think you’re born with all the energy you’re ever going to have and just use it up as you go.

Speaking of going, I should. Wishing all of you the happiest of holiday seasons! May all your Christmas dreams come true!