Mixed Emotions

You all know I can find the cloud in every silver lining, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that my emotions on the recent election are far from unmixed. Although I’m thrilled that Mr. Obama was elected (and to be a witness to history in the making), I’m equally disappointed that nearly half of my fellow Americans voted for John McCain. As Iggy Pop would say, what the hell? What the heck?

I’m also appalled that Proposition 8 passed. I am so disgusted with my fellow Californians for passing a law of intolerance and hatred. Shouldn’t the new Obama day usher in an era of tolerance and unity?

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5 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. I imagine many folks vote for a Party, and not necessarily the candidate. Which is a shame, really. If you’re headed down the wrong path and you see the opportunity for change, why not put Party doctrine aside and at least try something different?

  2. That is gash. It’s incredible that while taking a step forward, America has taken one massive step back. Sad.

  3. The really sad thing is that I read that Prop 8’s approval was actually probably due to the greater than usual number of African-Americans who turned out to vote for Obama. Their churches preach that it’s wrong, and unlike some of us, they listen to their church. Did you see Keith’s special comment last night? He sounded like he was going to cry, he was so upset.

  4. It’s pretty sad, and it definitely cast some dark clouds on what otherwise was a great day and hopefully a collective step forward for America.

    Unfortunately, hatred and bigotry aren’t limited to race issues.

    I agree with you, Suzy. I was really appalled by the outcome.

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