The Bachelor

There’s nothing like a Jessica post to get people talking! JFans will be delighted to hear that I’ll be seeing her (and, oh yes, her mother, too) at Thanksgiving, so I’ll almost certainly have more tales to tell. Note to Self: don’t forget to wear that necklace she likes.

For the Henry fans among you (and you know who you are), here are a few visual aids:

Not the paparazzi again. I’m trying to nap.

Man with a mission: Henry on his way to breakfast.

Room service: breakfast in Henry’s bachelor pad under the back porch.

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4 comments on “The Bachelor

  1. Joy Fielder

    Henry is a handsome lad & he has a long tail too, I notice. His bachelor pad looks quite comfortable- I see he has a soft bed too – does he use this? I think he is lucky to have found such a kind hostess.
    Thanks for the photos.


  2. Kathleen

    Sweet Henry! Is warming up to you further?

    Are the girls going to be upset that their pictures weren’t posted as well? 😉

  3. suzy

    Actually, I get to pet him less, now that his dishes are back under the porch in case of rain. I used to be able to pet him while he ate when the dishes were outside Now he just slinks past me and waist by the dish. As I write this, he’s napping in the grass (which really needs to be mowed).

    June would probably be jealous. I don’t think Audrey ever worries about anything. They’re curled up sleeping – so cute!

    Henry does use his bed – I wonder if it’s the only one he’s ever had…

  4. The Doc

    Henry looks like a Playah ! Where his “lady friends” at ?

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