Still Coveting Cool

My sister's gardenMy sister’s garden

For a different reason: yet another of those “unusual” heatwaves. This is Day Four of the latest serving of Hot’n’Heinous Hell.  The kittens are melted by the door gasping for breath, and what little is left of my mind has finally melted away.  Hence the lack of posting in my fancy new blog, and the inability to grasp how the fancy new blog works.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it (and the unfortunately black leather) couch.

Of course, the heatwave arrived in Oakland at the exact same time I arrived back from visiting my brother and sister in the coolness of the redwoods, where – oh, imagine the bliss! – a girl needs a fleece right about cocktail time if she’s planning to continue hanging out in the garden.  Timing really is everything.

It was great to be away for a few days.  My iBook was in the hospital (now restored to health, thank you for asking), so I went computerless, and cell phone reception there is patchy, so I was quite delightfully incommunicada.  Instead of checking emails and voicemails, I went to the farmer’s market with my sister; had lunch by the ocean*; bought six completely delightful and wholly unnecessary glass peacocks with real feather tails for the Christmas tree (yes, in August); walked the dog on my siblings’ property; poked around in bookstores; had my fortune told by a swami in a tie-dyed turban; drank local wine in my sister’s garden while hummingbirds and bees buzzed around; and watched the sun set and the moon rise, accompanied by glittery, diamond-bright stars.  

*If you find you’re hungry while visiting Mendocino, get a hot smoked chicken and Swiss sandwich at the Mendo Deli and eat it outside overlooking the wild, rocky Pacific.  You’ll thank me later.

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3 thoughts on “Still Coveting Cool

  1. That’s a fine photo..I have only seen what looks like this flower, in white. Are these called Angel Trumpets? I don’t know the latin name. They are very eye-catching.
    Your siblings’ property sounds as tho’ it is in a beautiful area. And now, having had a holiday sans laptop and telephone, I can highly recommend this also.
    There are you, melting away, and here we are, wondering when we should be taking in our geraniums!!!!


  2. yes that’s an angel trumpet, also known as Brugmansia. It took me three years to get this one large enough to flower! It is from South America.

  3. (Yay new blog! And comments!)

    Sounds like your siblings live in a fabulous, magical place. My sister lives in London which is cool but not so much with the peaceful.

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