Coveting Cool


There’s nothing like sneaking out of work in the middle of the week on a sunny summer day. Leaving looming deadlines at my desk and the cats in charge, I ventured to the Oakland Museum of California to check out the soon-ending Birth of the Cool exhibit, showcasing mid-century Southern California art and architecture.

The exhibit turned out to be one big Covet for me.

Pierre Koenig houses…who wouldn’t want to live that fabulous, martini-sipping by the pool lifestyle, overlooking the bright lights of LA?

Paintings by…

John McLaughlin and

Karl Benjamin. Gorgeous, minimalist, vibrant.

I wandered through the galleries, imagining what it would be like to live in such beautiful surroundings, with such beautiful objects. And whether it would be different now as opposed to then. Did the original owners see the sleek beauty the same way we do today?

More and more I wish I lived in the past when everything was so much more aesthetically pleasing.

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7 thoughts on “Coveting Cool

  1. Love your Blog! Even better now that we can comment.. I think each era has something to offer in the way of design, & if one has the $$$$ and the right space one can always do what feels right. Although I like modern, our two houses have been old and modern would not have worked – I don’t think.


  2. Hi, all – thanks for your comments! It’s nice to have a conversation instead of a monologue for a change. Now I just ned to post something else. Soon. 🙂

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