Today marks the birthday of three of my favorite Cats: my niece, who is [mumble]* years old, and the Terror Twins, Audrey and June, who turn one year old today!

Those of you who know my glamorous film-making niece will not be surprised to learn that she was late to her own party, being fully occupied with putting on those crucial finishing touches before making her world-wide d?but. Her mother may not have appreciated the delay, but the results were fabulous. Still are.

The kittens made their trouble ever since. Fortunately for them, they are attractively packaged.

They are pretty much grown up now. It’s hard to believe they ever fit in the palm of a hand.

Happy birthday, all you gorgeous Cats!

*Note to Niece and Nephew: You are just going to have to start lying about your ages. Being the nice (and extremely young) aunt that I am, you’re allowed to be legal drinking age, but that’s about it. Amazingly, your birthdays are even closer together than you thought, since under the Suzy System, you are just over a year apart. That makes one of you 18 and the other one 19. Don’t forget, now. Your ages will remain this way for about five years, so that makes it easier! I am so thoughtful.

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