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I was in the cute store buying a birthday card for a friend when a calendar featuring The Poky LIttle Puppy caught my eye.

It was my favorite book at one point in my childhood. Dad read it to me so often that he used to hold the book with the pictures facing me, and recite the story by heart, turning the pages at the correct time. I hadn’t thought of it in years, and I snapped up the calendar and its happy memories, smiling all the way home.

It’s not just me, either. According to Wikipedia, it’s the best-selling hard-cover children’s book of all time, at 15 million and counting. But I bet I was the only one with a Dad like mine.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist this little cuteness* for Self:


In other puppy-related news, I will soon be a published author! I wrote a book review for Dogs in Canada magazine, and they were nice enough not only to publish it (I think in October), but have already paid me for it. It’s just so shocking to do work and then get paid for it right away. Is it supposed to work like that? Really? I think my boss missed the memo. I’ll pass it on and see what he says.

Rita is unimpressed by my literary status, even though I spent much of the check on dog-related necessities. Every time I feed her, she looks at me like, “You expect me to eat this crap? Where’s the steak I ordered?”

*It says “hmm…what I can buy today?” but is a little hard of reading.

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6 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story

  1. Harry TDD is me! The books were written by my Mom’s best friend (they have know each other since they were 16), Margaret Bloy Graham. The stories were republished a few years ago. I have several one-off drawings of Harry that she did for me!

  2. I adore The Poky Little Puppy and have given it at the last two baby showers I attended where instructed not to give a card (like that’s a problem), but a book instead. And Harry the Dirty Dog was very big in our family. We had at least two of the books.

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