Total Upset

Scene: 8:00 on a sunny summer morning in a big city. The street has a huge construction site and several Victorian houses, along with miscellaneous buildings of unclear purpose. In front of the houses are four trucks. The first in line has letters saying “City Waste Management” on the side and is growling loudly. The other three are dump trucks destined for the construction site and are silently napping until needed.

A woman wearing a pink bathrobe emerges from one of the houses. She’s clearly upset.

Woman: (Yelling at five construction workers half a block away) I’m trying to get some sleep! Turn off the truck!

Construction Guy: (Yelling back) It’s not our truck!

Woman: You shouldn’t be parked on the sidewalk! Get that truck out of here!

All Construction Workers: (In unison, with hands cupped around mouths) It’s not our truck!

Woman: (Increasingly exasperated) Well, can’t you do something about it?

Construction Workers: (Still in unison) Call the City!

Woman: Well, what about the other 20 trucks behind it?

Construction Workers: They’re turned off!

Final Score: Construction Workers: 3 Irate Woman: 0