Breaking News

My fabulous niece Cat is now a college (or university, depending on where you live) graduate! You rock, girl! Sending you hugs and kisses, and more importantly, a graduation gift. I am beaming with auntly pride.


Things are looking up at work. It looks like I will be making more money, possibly actual money. Too early for details, but stay tuned and wish me luck!


The usual retro weekend fare of long-ago travels and long-ago movies is cancelled for this weekend. Instead, I’m going to the International Jazz Festival in Montreal. Music instead of movies, French instead of English, wine on the terrasse instead of cocktails at home…I’m hoping to have so much fun that I won’t have time to report until I’m back to reality.

Have a great weekend!

(I’d wish you a great weekend in French, but weekend is weekend in both languages. Bon weekend, peut-etre? And does anyone know how to put French accents in Movable Type?)