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Jun 26 2006

Home Improvement

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The Trust Fundies upstairs are moving out, to my relief. They are, as Gil from Gilmore Girls would say, “way deep in my bogus bag, and it’s Ziplocked shut.” Their dog attacked Rita the Wonder Dog twice, leaving her traumatized to the point that she flees from any dog that looks anything like the Attack Dog. Also, she barks at them whenever they walk through the courtyard, even when they are dog-less.

So I’m not sorry to see them go, those twenty-something rich kids with their air of entitlement and $100,000 car which they parked illegally in front of my door with impunity whenever they damn well felt like it. Not to mention the endless parties, catered and otherwise, that had the neighbors calling the cops. I heard one cop who responded to a complaint tell one of the neighbors that the guy upstairs was one of the most belligerent people he had ever met. And just imagine the number of angry/over-served/high people he’s had to deal with in the course of his duties.

Another improvement is the removal of the dead pigeons trapped in the chicken (pigeon?) wire covering the ceiling of the faintly creepy passageway which leads to the courtyard. Not only were the bodies removed, all the pigeon detritus was power-washed away, and the whole thing properly pigeon-proofed (theoretically). So hopefully, there won’t be piles of pigeon leavings in the passageway, and/or the possibility of a direct hit while walking through it. It’s still faintly creepy, with its bricked up vaulted windows and long-disused, rusty cranes and pulleys, but at least it’s pigeon-free. For now.

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