Fourth Birthday

Well, well. My silly little blog turns 4 years old today. That’s a lot of nonsense*.

But more importantly: how long have you been blogging? And what inspired/inspires you to write?

*When I was a kid, my Dad used to shake us upside down while we screamed with delight, saying he was trying to get all the nonsense out. He never could. I’m still trying.

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13 comments on “Fourth Birthday

  1. aim

    I love that story about your Dad. Your relationship with your Dad reminds me a lot of my own father/daughter relationship.

    So why do I blog? I blog because I always have something to say about everything and possibly because it indulges my extroverted tendencies.

  2. Mike

    Thank goodness for nonsense, I say. Common sense is helpful too.

    Blogging for 1 year. Why: the kids and an outlet for writing. Inspiration: C’est La Bombe. Really!

  3. Mike

    Oh, Happy Blog Birthday!

  4. Kathleen

    I started last August when I found out a friend was dying and I felt the need to express what I was feeling. I passed 100 entries sometime recently, but I don’t know the exact number because I only number the entries I write at work…and I’m too lazy to count the # in my archives.

    Happy Anniversary to C’est La Bombe!

  5. Amber

    Happy Blogiversary C’est La Bombe! 🙂 I’m glad you’re here!

    I think I’ve been blogging for about 3 or 3.5 years. I’ve moved location three times and I’m too lazy to find the very first entry from that very first blog. It was after you at any rate!

    I honestly couldn’t tell you why I blog. It is fun to have this one aspect of life recorded. For me it’s mostly to keep up to date on friends and family and keep them up to date. And now it’s part habit too, I think.

  6. babs

    According to my archives my blog will be 4 in July. I’ve also moved a few times and can’t remember exactly when I started.

    What keeps me going is unknown. I’ve always kept some kind of tally on my life whether it be in a paper journal or notes in my day planners I suppose the digital form was simply the next progression.

  7. Mary

    Happy birthday to your blog, Suzy! I’ve been at it for nearly four years, too. Life keeps my blog going. Thank goodness things happen to me. 😉

  8. Candi

    5.5 years, if you can believe it. I still have all my old archives saved. I started out on Blogger. Snort. And it’s not so much that anything inspires me to blog, either, it’s just a fun way to vent. If I didn’t, I think I’d explode sometimes.

  9. Harry

    Happy Blogday!

  10. Karan

    I’ve been flummeling for just over three years. Yours was one of my first finds so you inspired me! Thanks!!

  11. Suzy

    Wow, thanks, everyone! I’m delighted to actually be an inspiration. And of course you all know that Candi’s the one that got me started.

  12. Alison

    Been blogging for just over a year, but toyed with the idea for a couple of years before that.

    Congratulations on 4 years!

    My inspiration to write is part-mylittlelife, part-ohhowcool thatmywordsareoutthere.

    Blogging has been some really good therapy for me.

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