Food Court

Seen in the food court at the airport:

– A woman saying grace very earnestly (eyes closed, hands clasped, lips moving) over her tray. At first I thought, “Is fast food really worth praying over?” Then I figured it could use all the help it could get. There was something both touching and absurd about the whole thing.

– A man with a club sandwich, cut into the traditional triangles and held together with toothpicks (no festive tassels on the end, though: utilitarianism rules in food courts, my friend) before the guy removed all the toothpicks. He then proceeded to take a toothpick and spear a bread triangle with it and eat it from the toothpick as if it were a canap&eacute. This was followed by doing the same thing with all the bread, then all the tomatoes, etc. Piece by piece by component, all eaten one piece at a time from the toothpick. Really creative, or really weird? Or both?

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2 comments on “Food Court

  1. Kathleen

    I’m going with weird….who eats off a toothpick unless you’re at a fancy cocktail party and it’d be bad form to snag the olive with your fingers?

  2. kim

    The sandwich things strikes me as weird too, although when I was younger, on the occasional times we would eat Subway sandwiches, I would eat it all normally until about the last 1/4th of the sandwich, and which point I would eat all the layers separately… bread, lettuce, tomato, meats, cheese, other bread.

    I, however, grew out of it.

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