Made my day:

A little girl, riding on her father’s shoulders (how I loved that when I was a kid!), calls out happily, “Hi, there, doggie!” as a Golden Retriever and his guardian pass by.

Every adult in sight, no matter how faux, burst into smiles and/or delighted giggles.

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  1. cassie-b

    Wonderful. I love kids and the way they make people smile.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. bluepoppy

    That is precious! Wish we could bottle it and save it for the tough days to lift our spirits . . .

  3. Alison

    Sometimes a child will come out with a word or phrase, and you just HAVE to laugh.

    I don’t know how to finish this comment except to say that it’s those little things that make the world go ’round, or something trite like that.

  4. cassie-b

    Just another of the thousands of reasons I love kids. My little son used to put his whole nursery school class into giggles, just because his giggle was so infectious. I loved it!

  5. Mike

    While most off-the-cuff comments like this are sweet, mostly because of their innocence and honesty, as a parent, it can sometimes be slightly embarassing. I remember looking over bottles of cognac at the liquor store and Matthew piping in (loudly) with “Daddy juice!”

  6. Suzy

    At least Matthew wasn’t pointing at the malt liquor section!

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