How Not to Entertain

How Not to Entertain:

1. Spend a delightful afternoon giggling with your most fabulous friend and playing with her most fabulous dogs and drinking chocolate martinis.

Have you ever had one of these good/evil concoctions? Remember those cartoons where there’s an angel on one shoulder urging the conflicted cartoon character to do the right thing and a devil on the other urging him/her/it (it’s a drawing, right? Or several of them) to do the fun thing? Well, it’s that in a glass. It tastes soooo goooood, but it’s entirely composed of booze, so after one you’re pretty much smashed and recounting tales of your youthful misdemeanors.

2. Go home and nap off the martini until your dinner guests (visiting from out of town) arrive, thus ensuring no time to put in contacts, apply makeup, brush hair, or put on a better outfit. Oh well.

3. About five minutes after they arrive, get phone call with bad news. Go outside and pull yourself together. Come back inside to discover that guests have not only brought dinner in those reheatable aluminum dishes favored by caterers, but wine, dessert, and napkins(!). One guest is making salad dressing for the salad she brought and the other one is setting the table.

While this is the easiest possible way of entertaining, it kind of hovered on the edge of unflattering. If they’d brought dishes as well as napkins, that would have tipped it over the edge into totally unflattering.

I guess everyone knows how very domestically disabled I am.

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7 comments on “How Not to Entertain

  1. Lisab

    I think it shows what splendid friends you have…. and yes, perhaps word has gotten out about where domestic skills fall on your priority list. =)

    (Hope the bad news isn’t Bad bad news….)

  2. Colin

    Sounds entertaining enough to me!

    I, too, hope the news wasn’t bad bad.

  3. Kathleen

    I’m thinking they’re people who know you’re going through a tough time and that spending time with you was more important than worrying about food. Very smart people.

    Hope everything is relatively okay. *hugs*

  4. Suzy

    Thanks, guys. The bad news was that my brother had put his 22 year old cat to sleep that day. He was a grand old man and had a good long life, and is buried in his own garden. I was just sad for my brother – he lives alone and now he just has his faithful dog. I know Kathleen knows how it feels!

  5. Kelly



    Like you said … one martini isn’t enough and two is too many.

  6. Kathleen

    Poor Jonathan. Yes, but at least he still has his darling dog. It’s sucks rocks to come home to NO animals. *hugs* to Jonathan.

  7. Candi

    Not unflattering — thoughtful! How sweet. And oh, poor Jonathan. That really sucks about his kitty.

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