You know you’ve reached the heights (or depths) of slothfulness when the cleaners actually call you and ask you to pick up your stuff. They were nice about it, but I still felt like I was getting sent to the principal’s office. If I ever had any lingering concerns about being a responsible adult, I think I can stop worrying (after all, it causes those pesky wrinkles).

So I finally picked up the cleaning. It reminded me of a conversation I once had with a guy whose family owned a dry cleaning business. He said that he’d gotten lots of great clothes from it. I asked him how, and he said, “People just forget to come and get their stuff.” Pause. “And then, you know, some of them die.”

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3 comments on “Clean

  1. Colin

    How incredibly… odd. Lmao, I’d kinda be freaked out if I got a call anything like that. Some of them die… what a thing to say.

  2. amy

    I’m laughing – this has happened to us before. I am also the epitome of laziness as of late. I went as far as dreaming up a maid during one afternoon nap. . . But alas, it WAS a dream and I sit on the sofa next to a basket full of unfolded clothes and a dishwasher full of dishes that haven’t been unloaded. And then there is the kitchen floor that needs to be mopped and an office that I need to have readied for a guest next weekend. Damn, I need a nap even thinking about it. Good greif.

  3. Adrian

    Classic. Most very amusing.

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