Streets of San Francisco

Found still lifes on the streets of San Francisco:


A bus boy’s cry for help? A server’s prank? Or art? You decide.


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6 comments on “Streets of San Francisco

  1. Colin

    Definitely art. No doubt about it!

  2. Kelly

    Yup, definitely art.

  3. Kathleen

    I’d say the first one is more art than the second. The second looks like people were drinking beer on the street and were too lazy to take the bottles home or throw them out, but wanted them out of the way.

  4. Thames.

    I agree with the third point. The first one is more accessible as art. It forces the viewer to reflect.

  5. Jar

    Am I the only one worried about Suzi? When is she coming back???


  6. Suzy

    Thanks for the concern. I was napping, of course.

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