Farewell to the Hamptons

Suzy’s Hamptons Diary, Part IV

All good things must come to an end. Today, we’ll say farewell to the playground of the rich and in/famous and Suzy.

Heard in the Hamptons:

WLIU, a great jazz radio station, including lots of gems and rarities and DJ’s with a passion. If you can’t make it to the Hamptons, you can listen to it (live stream button on the left of the page).

On the beach:

“So I was doing a bikini wax, and I noticed the client had a huge gold ring. Down there.” (pause) “And I don’t usually look.”

“Everyone has spray tans now. No-one has sun tans.”


Beach Hut;

Love Shack, baby;


Swimming pools (but no movie stars); and

The last word.

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2 comments on “Farewell to the Hamptons

  1. jar

    Thanks Suzi! Thanks for the jazzy livestream! I am sitting here on my sofa, The Nurse (mac laptop) on my lap, looking out at Lake Mendota, storm clouds fighting with the sunset, pretending I am in the Hamptons. Jar

  2. Lisab

    Aw, do we have to go?

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