i, Me, Mine

Part of the lengthy process of attempting to make my computer stop its hissy fit was to bribe it with shiny new software. It turned out to be as ineffective as using this approach with a small child, but in my defense, I’m equally ignorant of both subjects, and in both cases, I think they can tell and (mis)behave accordingly.

The new software is thrillingly named Panther (though I don’t know why), and includes all this fascinating stuff which I will almost certainly never be clever enough to use: iPhoto, iTunes, iChat, iThis, iThat. Despite all these i’s, they are missing the most important one: iSuzy.

iSuzy would include things like iShopping; iSparklyThings; iWine; iTravel (really: iBeingSomewhereElseNotTheHorrorOfGettingThere. but that’s too long and not catchy enough); iArtGalleries; iJewelry and iSports (really, iBaseball, or to be totally accurate, iGiants).

What would iYou have in it?

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13 comments on “i, Me, Mine

  1. terrilynn

    iTerrilynn would have iSeashore, iGreatBooze and iMaidService, for starters.

    Maybe also iNeverGainWeight, or iAlwaysLookFabulous, too, while I’m dreaming.

  2. Colin

    Hm. Interesting concept.

    Lessee, iColin would include: iChicago (which means I would also need i90/94 for the I-90/94 tollway), iCar, iCash, and iWishItWasSummer.

  3. Kathleen

    iKathleen would have iHockey, iChampCar, iKnitting, iSymphony, iGothMusic, iReading and I would bootleg iColin’s iIwishitweresummer as I am BEYOND tired of this white crap falling from the sky and making me cold!

  4. Amber

    Silly computer, why won’t it just be good and behave?!

    hee! Good fun.

    iAmber: iTravel, iOutdoorAdventure, iSpa, iCrafts, iNoNeedToWorkForALiving (also too long, but couldn’t think of a better descriptor), iFamily.

  5. Jar

    What would jar want?

  6. Aim

    iAim?e would include iCruise, iBeach, iSleepIn, iStuffToDoToAvoidStudying, and iPartay!

    Actually, I’m very content with the programs Panther gives ya, so… yea. But iBaseball sounds damn good in my book! And iTravel!

  7. Aim

    Oh, and myGuy, if that’s allowed. iGuy makes it sound like I want a sex change. :-/

  8. Michelle

    iMichelle think you are all hilarious and thank you for making me laugh out loud. iThink all of your suggestions would suit me just fine.

  9. Nick

    iHope that I’m not seeming to intrude. You commented on my other site a while ago (adifferentopinion.com) – and I just realized that this was yours. iAm still a little slow to pick up the intrinsic features of blogging.

    Colin’s iWishItWasSummer sounds cool. But I love iTunes.

  10. aim

    iAmy would include: iBaby (answers to all of my immediate questions), iWine, iShopForFree, iHockey, iThin, iCanBeAt2PlacesAtOnce and of course: iLaundry!

    iAm glad you are back 🙂 iMissed you 🙂

  11. Kelly

    iWine. iCheese. iOlives.

    iKelly could live on the above for months. iMaybe longer.

  12. Tam

    iTam would include iWinthelotteryandpartyallthetime, iFreegadgets, iKnit, and iBusy.

  13. Camilo

    I do agree with Tam, but with a twist: iIPO, iSuddenMillionaireSyndrome, iParties, iHugeHousewithDogs, iWriteaBookfromMyBlog

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