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Trailer Trash Christmas
December 28th, 2003 by suzy in Uncategorized

Further Updates

Mom still in hospital. Still don’t know when she’ll be getting out. My bro & I had Christmas dinner with her at the hospital, and she seemed better then, but has gotten a little worse since, so they’re keeping her in for now. Megan works tomorrow (actually today; I can’t sleep tonight for some reason) so she can keep an eye on her.

There really is no escape for Megan. Sometimes her work follows her home. Sometimes it’s actually in her home, the way it was on Christmas night when I managed to fall and acquire a long and very bloody scrape right above my left eyebrow, accessorized by magnificent carpet burns both above and below the eye and with the most subtle of black eyes. Meg put me back together with butterfly stitches and gauze pads and I spent most of the following day removing what little stomach contents I had (when I make huge, elaborate dinners, I never want to eat them) and sleeping. I’m a natural at this trailer trash stuff, I’m telling you.

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Suzy-girl, now what did I tell you about taking care of yourself? One thing is for sure, when you do something – you do it properly! Stitches, carpet burns, throwing up!! I hope you are feeling better sweetie – now PLEASE look after yourself because 2004 is going to be YOUR year. No more economically challenged, no more stress, just contentment and happiness in mind, body and soul. Go well and I hope things begin to look a lot brighter for you and your mum.

I’m so sorry that your mom is in the hospital. That’s pretty much what happened to us last year at Thanksgiving. It’s NOT a good feeling. And you fell? You? But you’re so graceful! I don’t believe it! *hugs*

So sorry to hear about your mother, thoughts are with you and the family.

Suzy, how did you fall. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. Good greif chica, it sounds like you need a vacation!

Oh and good for your mom…maybe she can rest better in hospital lite.

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