The first time I went to Paris, I was 17 years old and unhampered by parents or other family. You can imagine the kind of things I did. But I didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. In 15 further years of visiting that wonderful city, I still didn’t. It took John’s first visit to Paris (as an adult) to make me do it.

And when I finally did, I was so appalled by the swaying and creaking that I just stayed on the first level. I freaked out as unobtrusively as possible while John, who had been deprived of going to the top as a child, merrily went up with the camera and had a great time.

Now that I’m working high up in the Transamerica Pyramid, I haven’t noticed the swaying (if any; I hope not), but I am constantly noticing the constant creaking. Disturbing.

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6 comments on “Disturbing

  1. Colin

    I still can’t get over this Transamerica thing. That is such an awesome building. I wonder if it does sway… you should ask someone, lol! “Yes, not that this is at all pertinent to my employment here, but does this building move around in the wind?”

    I hope you’re liking the job. It would be nice not to have to look for a job anymore, wouldn’t it?

  2. LisaB

    From a structural point of view – just like airplane wings – you should be concerned if it _doesn’t_ move. =) Bet that puts your mind at ease. It is a pretty cool building.

  3. Aim

    Har. Colin, you can just imagine how freaked out I’d be in that building… I probably wouldn’t be able to work there. It’s not that I’m afraid of heights; I really don’t like the idea of plummeting to my death. Mm. It would be fun to ask somebody if it sways, though. 😀

  4. Karan

    I was astonished about how noisy it was too…someone told me that it has to do with the heating and cooling effects of the sun on it and that’s it nothing to worry about.

  5. aim

    Ugh the idea of hearing it creak like that makes my skin crawl ;-/

  6. Suzy

    Apparently it *is* the swaying in the wind!! Creepy!

    Still hatin’ the job. I think we’re going to break up. Having a job you hate is probably worse than looking for one. Maybe.

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