Two Years

Since I?ve been up here, I have had time to think, and to think about time itself. Yes, much of the day is occupied with doing chores and taking care of Mom, but there is definitely time left over to think, if not to write. For I find that I am more or less permanently tired and therefore uninspired. I finally have time to write, but no inclination to do so. It seems that the idea of ?if I just had time, I?d do [fill in the blank]? is not necessarily the case – or at least, not for me.

Yet I do have time to think.

A year ago today, I marvelled at the fact that my brother, sisters, and I had survived an entire year without our father. Another year has passed by, another 365 days, and we have survived that, too. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we lost him – the grief and anger and sorrow are still fresh – but in others, it seems like so very long ago. It?s been so long since I heard his voice or his laugh or saw his smile. I have been to London twice since we lost him, and though my head knows he is gone, my heart still expects to see him glance up over his reading glasses, break into a smile while simultaneously folding up the ?Times? and hugging me across the barrier. No-one meets me at the airport now, and even if they did, they wouldn?t be my father, my friend.

A day doesn?t go by that I don?t think of you, Dad.

Two years ago, when you were in the hospital, we were consumed with fear and worry about you. Now, we are all occupied with taking care of Mom, knowing that the end is coming, but not when, and doing our best with the time we have left with her. Her departure is as long and lingering and painful as yours was sudden and unexpected and they assured us, painless. The contrast between the two could not be greater. But one thing remains constant: your children united in the face of disaster, doing the best we can under the circumstances and loving and supporting each other.

And one more thing does, too: we all love you, always.

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6 comments on “Two Years

  1. Candi

    You can’t be expected to do much of anything in your current circumstance, other than to eat, breathe and sleep.

    Especially not today. I knew it was the anniversary of your father’s death, and it seems as though August is always particularly cruel to your family.

    You’ll be in my thoughts today, girl. *hugs*

  2. Marc

    I’m really touched by your post Suzy. You said it loud and clear, and what better place to say I love than than on your blog?

  3. Colin

    That was beautiful, Suzy. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Babs

    I guess that’s what’s been on my mind all day. I kept telling people “august 18th, that means something to me. what is it?!” I now figure that’s what it was/is. *hugs*

  5. Tam

    Thinking of you and sending hugs!

  6. Camilo

    As well, a big hug, and that you may find solace in your memories and the company of your loved ones.

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