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July 9th, 2003 by suzy in Uncategorized

Buddy’s 21st Birthday

First of all, thanks to all of those who suggested the cushion and the hat. I was the only one of our party with a cushion, and I was definitely the most comfortable. I was also the only one of the women to have brought a hat. We shared it for a while, but they finally caved and went and bought Giants caps, so we all looked like authentic fans but Me. And finally: thanks to the inventors and makers of sunscreen. Despite three hours in the sun, I’m only a couple of shades pinker than I was.

I hope you’re sitting down, because not only did the Giants win, just to honor my very first ball game, but I had a great time. Michel (see comments on Monday’s entry below) was completely right. We had great seats and could see what was going on. I couldn’t be bored, because it took both of my brain cells to figure out what was going on, and what I couldn’t figure out, the boys explained, being my guides to sports and all. Until they got bored and went girl-hunting. Apparently ball games are a good place to meet girls. Who knew? Though given that it was sold out – almost 43,000 people had nothing better to do on a Tuesday – the odds were with them.

Fun things happened, like the ball sailing into the Bay and a few times, into the crowd (miraculously, no-one seemed to be hurt, though the ball was going 95 mph). There are worse ways to spend a sunny summer afternoon than sitting in the sun and eating garlic fries from Gordon Biersch while eavesdropping and people-watching between innings. Being trapped inside an overly air-conditioned office building crunching numbers springs to mind. Could this be the birth of Sporty Suzy?! It’s against all the laws of nature.

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🙂 I’m glad you had fun. It really is a social outing. We tend to go in a big group and just hang out together. I absolutely never watch the game though. Then again, this is Alberta and we’re talking minor-minor-minor league.

Now football, that’s a game I find interesting enough to watch when I’m at a game…

Well, Sports Suzy, why not mix your love of travel in with a bit of sports? I went to Korea last year for World Cup and had a great time. There’s nothing like a mix of 60,000 + screaming people from all around the globe. Hey, next year, Euro 2004 is in Portugal.

The best thing about Giants baseball is the BARK team!

Well, ain’t life full of surprises!

Sounds like you’re ready to join me at the races, girl! I have an extra ticket for the Toronto race this weekend. 😉 Grab a plane ticket and fly to TO tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at the airport! I even have an extra cushion and hat for you!

THANKyou SUZY!!! Way to pound those Cards!!! I may have to call on you again when they come back since you clearly have some mojo going on there. Glad that you had fun……I knew that you would. Garlic french fries…..mmmmmm!

I am so amused that you had fun! I knew you would if you ever went. Baseball is an interesting sport–boring as hell to watch on tv, but once you go to a game, it’s sooooo much fun.

When hell freezes over and you guys start watching football, don’t ever go to a Raiders game. I’m a huge football buff and I don’t even think *I* would be brave enough to step foot in the Black Hole. Those people are psycho!

49ers should be safe, though. Hehe.

PS – I would imagine that ball games ARE great places to pick up girls (and guys). Most guys would love to have a girl that loved sports, so it’d be a perfect match! They can’t be FAKING liking it if they’re actually at the game.

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