Too much to ask?

Thanks to all of you for your support and good wishes. I am still surprised by how unnerved I am over what was really a non-event. I’m still walking to work in the morning, but I’m too nervous to listen to music en route, and I miss the soundtrack to the movie of my life. I am still hyper-aware of passers-by, and the beating of my heart these early mornings ain’t all cardio.

Hopefully I’ll get over myself before I’m a year older, an event which occurs a month from today. So start shopping. And not all self-defense related things, ‘K? I’m still all about the pretty, the frivolous, and the sparkly. As my niece put it: “All I want is no drama (unless it’s the positive sort), a job that doesn’t require me to bring it home at the end of the day and lots of pretty sparkly things. Is that too much to ask????”

Yeah. What she said. And while I’m wishing, birthday and otherwise, I might as well add:

1. Stop raining until after Thanksgiving. I mean it. We were at 250% of normal rainfall for April. The reservoirs are full. My sister’s garden is beginning to rot, and she’s going to have to dig a moat around her house if the rain doesn’t get lost really, really soon. I’m not kidding. I’m going to start wasting water with reckless abandonment, like letting the water run when I brush my teeth. Watch me.

Also, I can’t use my glittery Marilyn Monroe backpack until it stops raining, and it’s killing me. I bought it a month ago, for God’s sake! And look how cute it is!

Stand not upon the order of your going. Go. Actually, you have just been ordered, so you have no excuse. Go and cry all over someone else for a change.

2. I’d love to actually get caught up at work so I don’t have to keep bringing home work on the weekends after working a 50 hour week.

3. I’m more than ready for this flu thing to go and party in someone else’s bod. I know it’s fun to be with me, but a week is usually more than enough for pretty much anyone. You know what I told the rain, Flu Bug? Yeah, well, that. And then some.

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3 comments on “Too much to ask?

  1. Kelly

    Cute backpack!

  2. LisaB

    Man, sick and working crazy overtime? That’s awful!

    I sure hope everything eases up on you soon!

  3. aim

    I just read back to hear about the ass-grab incident – that is just wierd. I hope you start to feel better soon and that you can listen to your soundtrack again. Oh, and DAMN! I love love love that back pack.

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