Leaving eve

Well, Zero Hour looms, so I’m getting in a patented Suzy tizzy. This always happens when I’m planning to leave the safety of home for the unfriendly skies. If second marriages are the triumph of optimism over experience, then my fear of disaster befalling me while flying is the triumph of pessimism over experience. Given the fact that our family seems to attract disaster in a nearly Kennedy-esque fahion, I feel that it’s exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me.

Everything seems to be making it harder to leave. My sister, who was supposed to accompany me, had to cancel due to bad luck, of course, and now I have to go all by myself. The Sopranos finally start their new season while I’m away. The weather here is utterly perfect, as it often is in September and October: clear blue sky, forecast high of 75&deg or so. Whereas the London forecast is 63&deg and scattered showers. Everything is saying, “Why go anywhere else when you live here?”

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3 comments on “Leaving eve

  1. Amber

    *hugs* and all the happy thoughts and positive vibes out to you!

    Once you actually get to London I think you’ll be fine. You’ll get to visit art gallaries and your sister and her family and your step-mom. Lots of good things on the other side to focus on too!

  2. Babs

    I’m sending all kinds of good vibes your way.

  3. btezra

    thnx for the read and leaving the door open..

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