Rain, rain go away

So it’s not just my imagination. It seems to me that it’s been raining and dark for weeks now, and according to the Chronicle, it really has been. It’s been the wettest December since 1955 and we are currently at 196% of normal rainfall. Enough, already! Makes me wonder how residents of notoriously rainy cities like Seattle can stand it.

Since it was dark and dreary out yesterday, it seemed like a good day for two of our favorite wintery movies, Beautiful Girls and Nobody’s Fool. They are both slices of life set in small towns in New York State, and I like to think that it’s the same town, with “Girls” being about the younger set and “Fool” the elder. Both films have excEt ensemble casts. Look for a luminous 14 year old Natalie Portman in “Girls”, one of her first movie roles ever, and a sly Bruce Willis in “Fool”.

Since I grew up outside a small town in NY State, I have Prousty feelings about it, and “Nobody’s Fool” brings back vividly the snowy winters of my childhood. The cinematographer captures the beauty of the bare trees, a mist of grey and brown traced against the white of the snow, and the deep violet and blue shadows of the snow itself. How well I remember the quality of the winter light, especially the short afternoons. And watching this movie, I can re-live the loveliness of it without the freezing cold!

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