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Friday from Hell
October 19th, 2001 by suzy in Uncategorized

So far, the day is not going exactly well, despite the fact that it’s a) Friday; and 2) a beautiful, sunny day. I had to take our cat Sophie to the vet this morning, for what will certainly be a hugely expensive teeth cleaning, in spite of having the healthcare plan. When you have four cats, insuring at least one of them per year is an economic necessity, since it makes things like hugely expensive teeth cleaning half price, or just expensive. So we usually pick whoever needs the most treatment or the most expensive treatment. Knowing that Sophie needed teeth cleaning, we chose her for this year. Last year it was Jack, with her 8 million kitten appointments.

Rufus put together the cardboard cat carrier yesterday, but didn’t notice that the handles were broken. So imagine my surprise when, after capturing the very large and very shy Sophie and stuffing her in the carrier, that I couldn’t actually carry her in it. Looked in the closet for another carrier, put it together, opened the first one, and Sophie catapulted out of it (no pun intended). I barely managed to grab her and my first attempt to get her in the second carrier was not a success. She booted it across the hall while I was still holding her, so I had to go and get it while holding on a struggling 12 pound muscular cat. And did I mention she’s a redhead? Finally managed to wrestle her into the carrier. It was like fighting a bear cub. She’s very sweet and very shy, but when you make her mad, look the fuck out.

By this time, it was too late to walk to the vet’s as planned, so I ended up calling a cab. When I got to the vet it was dark inside, but I could see people moving around, so I pounded on the door until they opened. They were all grumpy and snotty even though it was 10 minutes past their stated opening time. So I bid Sophie a hasty good-bye and went to work, where there was a flurry of vague and bizarre voicemails and “must be handled right now” emails. Notice I just got right on it. Procrastination should be my middle name.

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Hahaha, I can just see you trying to stuff the cat in the box.. hheeheh…

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