Chez le dentiste

So work was the fun part of the day today. This afternoon I went to the dentist for a cleaning, even though it seemed like I had just been there (it turns out it was in April, though). As the song says, life roars by you in a blur*.

I really like my dentist and have been going to him for almost a decade. He has great magazines in the waiting room (like the newest Architectural Digest) and a great receptionist but plays horrible muzak radio all over the office. Also I always seem to get a different hygienist. Today, oddly, I got his partner, Dr. Sun, and it was a really gruesome experience. Maybe it’s like how nurses are so much better at taking blood and giving shots than doctors, but damn. She split my lip with the ultrasonic watery cleaning thing, which was also her weapon of choice for removing my makeup. She was unclear on the concept of the extractor thing, so it was a pretty gagacious ride. My mouth now tastes like gritty blood. Mmmmm!

Our cat Sophie is having her teeth cleaned on Friday. I’ll drop her off first thing in the morning and we can pick her up after work. At least they’ll knock her out before they start their evil dental machinations.

I’m going to have a hot bath, drink cold white wine bought on our trip up north, and read “Harry Potter”. That should cheer me up!

*Repo Man by Iggy Pop, for those of you too un-Dennis Millerish to catch that particular arcane reference.

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