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Vive la France!
September 26th, 2001 by suzy in Uncategorized

Drinking Le Village Sparkling French Lemonade from a glass much like this bought on a trip to Mexico reminded me of Becky. I guess it was really Becky in reverse, though (the anti-Becky?). To be really Becky, it would have to be a Margarita in a S?vres porcelain cup!

And speaking of sparkling French beverages, why don’t we have Orangina Rouge in the US? It’s made with blood oranges and it’s delicious. I probably drank a gallon of it when I was in Paris last Christmas.

You can get Le Village lemonade at a wonderful place in my neighborhood called La Boulange de Polk (shouldn’t it be La Boulangerie, though?). It is always packed, and here’s why: you can get bread and croissants there that taste like they do in Paris. Not to mention delights like tartine, canel?s de Bordeaux, and of course, the Proustian madeleine. The place seems to be a magnet for every French expatriate in the city, and most of the staff is also French. At least half the conversations you overhear while waiting in the long, Poil?ne type line snaking out the door are in French. A little bit of Paris, right in my neighborhood! It will have to do until my next trip to France.

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