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June 27th, 2001 by suzy in Uncategorized

Let’s hope NY is just the first of the 50 states to ban the use of cell phones while driving. It’s common sense that you can’t pay attention to the road, your driving, and other drivers as well as your phone conversation, all while going 70 mph. I’m only amazed that it’s been legal this long (but then, I feel the same way about veal). I wonder, though, if it will ever get passed in California. In LA, it’s the norm to chat on your cell phone while driving, preferably while repairing your make-up in the rearview mirror and scoping for celebrities. There may be some resistance there! On the other hand, where my brother and sister live, in Northern California, there are no cell phone towers, hence no signal and no problem.

Personally, I only even carry my cell phone when I’m driving, but only to call AAA in case my car breaks down, which has happened more than once (the perils of owning an old car). Other than that, I never carry it, and it’s only on when I’m calling someone. The thought of being constantly reachable fills me with horror, and I can’t understand why anyone would find that a good thing.

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AMEN!!! I have never understood the need to be on the phone 24/7 anyway. I mean… these people that are ALWAYS on the cell… just who are they talking to that is so important that it can’t wait til they get home or back to the office?! Of course there are emergency phone calls but that is what parking lots or at least the side of the road is for! I would LOVE to see the use of these phones while driving banned too. Will be a wonderful day when that happens!

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